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Lancering SAUCE Magazine #3

Redactie, geplaatst op 5 december 2019

Aanstaande vrijdag 6 december lanceert SAUCE Magazine haar derde editie, ‘Full Tilt’, met een avond vol muziek, performances, live visuals, video installaties en interventies. Het magazine is ook verkrijgbaar op zondag 8 december op de Beurs van Bijzondere Uitgevers

SAUCE Magazine is an independent collaboration platform for visual artists.  With its roots in fashion, SAUCE keeps expanding to new territories to include the most urgent topics and experimental aesthetics. Every issue of SAUCE  Magazine is dedicated to a new theme, which its contributors are invited to explore  in any visual form they wish. The results are gathered in a publication by the  SAUCE team. On the 6th of December SAUCE issue #3 titled «Full Tilt» will be launching. This issue focuses on the deconstruction of the notion of authorship  and questions the role of editors-curators. More than 40 contributors gave consent  for their works to be treated without restrictions by the SAUCE team in order  to create the word of Full Tilt. How SAUCE has dealt with the authority granted  to us is to be seen in the upcoming issue. Join us at the launch event for a  glimpse of our fully tilted world,

With live music by The Klittens, a performance from Bosa Mina,
live visuals by Misha Gurovich, DJ-sets by nervous, Loradeniz and Snufkin,
countless video installations and an unofficial Chanel intervention.

6th December
From 18:30 – 23:55
Oedipus Warehouse
Schaafstraat 21, 1021 KD, Amsterdam
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